1. Secret Ingredient for my Red Velvet Cakes.

    Who needs dye? Not Me!

  2. Nickelodeon…

  3. He looks like a very typical Pakistani/Indian mommas-boy after the morph.

  4. Did they…

  6. Life is a Cyanide and Happiness Comic


  7. Feeling Poetic

    One summer I was free, reading books. The next summer I was trapped by his looks. Another summer I vowed to never have my heart broken again. But this summer someone fixed it before I could even count to ten.


  9. Ronald McDonald just looking out for his younger bro, the Joker.

  10. Road Side Dust Art - Scott Wade

  11. Vera Ellen and Her Waist.

  12. I have found my calling.

  13. Eat what makes you happy. Wear what makes you feel beautiful.

  15. ZVE Multifunctional Cigarette Lighter Phone Cover for iPhone 5