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If you knew me you would think I am confident, put together, and extrinsic - and that's what I want. Here is a little blog to help me keep up with my facade. I only publish poetry if it begs to be read. College Sophomore. American born Pakistani. 17 years in Texas, but not a day in Love. I try to follow back<3

Star Wars Crayon Sculptures.
Stand up against Racial Stereotypes!
Backyard Wedding Photo. Taken at 3a.m.
Before and After Make-up.
Understandable typo.
Fall in Love?Darling, I can&#8217;t even fall asleep&#8230;

Bring Pakistan to Peace not Pieces.

The hardest part about what is going on in Pakistan isn’t knowing that each channel is showing different news because they are all bought out by different political parties. It isn’t knowing that people are getting tear gassed and shot at by rubber bullets. It isn’t knowing that injured men and women in the hospital have been ordered to be arrested. Or that people who have no idea what is going on, like children and the common poor, are being beat by the police. It isn’t that some politicians are hiding in the luxury of their mansions while citizens are taking to the street. Or that the police is losing their sense of morality. That brothers and sisters are all participating in sit-ins and protests to fix the political zoo of congress. Or that news anchors are risking their health to give upsetting reports while other media channels chose to say that nothing is wrong.
The hardest part about what is going on in Pakistan is that citizens are willing to do anything for their country time and time again, and it is the people who lead the country and represent the country that would do anything to hurt these citizens.


Make-Up transformation pro.

How to make Holy Water

1. Take Water

2. Boil the Hell out of it

I guess the survivors just donated.

What do you mean Atoms have Mass?

I didn’t even know they were Catholic!

Them Sunglasses Though&#8230;
Do you even Zoo?